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My research focus is environmental politics and behavior. One strand of work focuses on the international relations of global environmental cooperation. The second focuses on individual environmental behavior, with a focus on water conservation and sustainability literacy.  My interest in teaching has also led to projects on sustainability literacy and graduate student pedagogy.  Some ongoing projects and recent publications are listed below:

Water Conservation and Individual Environmental Behavior

"Water conservation interventions: A review using the information-motivation-behavioral skills model ” with Phil Ehret, Heather Hodges, Cameron Brick, and Sarah Anderson

"Global Sustainability Literacy: The Sulitest and International Understandings of Sustainable Develop-

ment” with Aaron Sparks, Heather Hodges, and Eric Smith

"Delivery Energy (Often) Requires Public Consent“with Eric Smith, Heather Hodges, and Aaron Sparks, in Raphael Heffron and Gavin Little (ed.)Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US: A Reader, Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press (2016)


"Teaching Assistants and Pedagogy: A Survey of Political Science Instructors in Training" with Caleb Miller 

"When are we ever going to use this: Discussing Programmatic Learning Outcomes in the Classroom." (2018) with Margarita Safronova and Caleb Miller Journal of Political Science Education

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